Review of the Super Duck SUD-SET010 Cosplay Set

On a scale of 1-10


Overall, once I made my modifications, I found the whole set to be a great base to build the character as I envision her. While I did not use the head that comes with the suit, it is perfectly adequate and many will like it.

The whole set is worth the price and I look forward to owning more Super Duck outfits in the future.

The fit and look on a large busted figure makes for a very nice Powergirl.

Lets review the set from top to bottom.

The head:

The sculpt is not to my tastes but she is pretty and the paint is well done for in house application.

Her hair needs much fussing since it was smushed in the plastic wrap but its a lovely color.

I think the hair cut is too long for my preferred version of the character.

The bodysuit:

The material is standard stretch and nicely stitched.

I would prefer a better tailoring for the large bust Phicen/TBLeague body.

I feel the bust opening is a bit too big as it hangs a little low.

It goes on using the usual helpful hints like powdering and wrapping arms in plastic wrap.

The good zipper quality is a big plus.

The sleeves may seem to be a bit too long and slide up when you put on the gloves.

The gloves:

Yes they are plastic.

I don't mind that since it means they work with pegs.

However I couldn't get them on far enough to click onto the ball joint.

That is partly due to the bodysuit sleeves being too long but mainly

that the upper part of the glove sculpt is a wee bit too narrow.

If it had been just a little wider they would fit better.

I do wish the fists were larger and the set came with an alternate set for flying and casual stances.

The belt:

Its simple and easy to put on.

The buckle is nicely accurate.

I would like to have a blue variant.

The boots:

They are well made and lined.

Once I put a pair of flat feet inside, I wrapped the calves of the figure in plastic wrap.

They slid right on and clicked on perfectly.

They have a nice wide, solid base to help the figure balance well without a stand.

The cape.

I saved it for last because it has many nice points but for me it needed some work.


The color and choice of materials is great and like with all capes, needed to be ironed right away to get the packing wrinkles out. They came out quickly on a low setting.

The tiny chain is the perfect scale and the sewing construction has done a good job of creating folds without too much bulk on the shoulder. The gold button/medallion lays flat against the fabric.


The wire in the cape edge is far too thin for good shaping. I spent an hour carefully putting in new red wire.

While the folds on the shoulder are flat, they are still just thick enough to pull the cape away from the bodysuit.

The design leaves it to the buyer to figure out how to attach it or make it stay in place.

I chose to use a small straight pin on the inside of the suit.

I am still not completely satisfied with this fix and may yet sew it in place.

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