Phicen/TBLeague 1/6th Figure Guest Review!

Phicen Sparta came yesterday. I took a ton of photos with my phone as I went through the box.

Fabulous packing and the box art is nice. Her pedestal came in a separate styrofoam packing. The inside of the lid works well for a photo backdrop.

The quality of the costuming is really great. I loosened her belt and lowered the skirt to her hips so I can see her amazing abs.

That helmet is incredible. The only issue is the frill. It is glued in and needs careful handling as it will shed. The tiny hooks on the shoulder armor and the cape are a bit tricky but the rest of the pieces go on easily. I love her sandaled feet.

Her head is really a lovely sculpt and that hair color slays! I still think Phicen heads are a bit too small but the right camera angle helps eliminate that problem.

He only piece I had to iron was the cape. Very very low heat. I wish it was wired. I may need to do that.

The pedestal. Wow. I took photos of all the sides. The detail is This makes me want more exclusives. I am highly impressed with the quality and I do love the pegs for her feet.

Over all she is an imposing figure. The heavy metal skeleton is perfect for her powerful body. I will be looking for more hands because these seem a little dainty for such an amazon. The fine manicured fingernails seem too delicate for a warrior.

Enjoy the photos. I took a ton. She's fun to pose. Enjoy!

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